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While most interview and on stage questions in beauty pageant are always on environment, tourism, fashion and even politics, there are still sometime judges come up with a twist and ask you questions related to education.Posts about miss tourism international written by JaneJustine Mirembe.The adventures and misadventures of a Pinay in the Land of Milk and Honey and her journey of life.Now she wants to save the world but is too sleepy to don the costume of Super Pinay.But, put aside your worries for now, and take a few notes from these beauty pageant questions and answers to prepare for the big day.

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The most common pageant questions are either personal questions about the contestant or questions about current events.

The political (and sometimes painful) Miss America answers

DOWNLOAD BEAUTY PAGEANT QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS beauty pageant questions and pdf A child beauty pageant is a beauty contest featuring contestants under 16 years of age.

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Also, be sure to review the bonus questions at the end of the article, so you’re prepared for some of the more challenging questions that may come up during the interview.

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The only time normal people seem to care about national beauty pageants is when one of the contestants messes up the question-and-answer round in the worst way possible.

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Top Ten Pageant Interview Questions In an effort to prepare my little one for her interview this July, and the other girls for upcoming interviews I have compiled a list of practice interview questions and their corresponding questions for the age 12 and under contestant.

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Along with the swimsuit round, which is the most popular round in beauty pageants, the question and answer round is also equally awaited by the audience.

Read Online Now common beauty pageant questions and answers Ebook PDF at our Library.These poor beauty queens sure look awesome in a swimsuit, but.

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The high point of each Miss America pageant — or, at least, the part those watching with ironic detachment look forward to the most — is the question-and-answer period.

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Well, it happened again last night at the Miss USA pageant, with Miss Utah giving an answer so bad that it eclipsed all other.Apparently this was an inside joke that was very funny for those who got it.

A pageant when girl get spray tans, wear make-up and wear pretty dresses.

One of the biggest beauty pageant secrets is that you have to prepare for all the possible interview questions, so this does not happen to you.Here are a list of several of most frequently asked beauty pageant questions.

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Jimmy Kimmel challenged pedestrians to answer real questions from the Miss USA contest.

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